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New navs & DS map.

Added 21/7/07

Two new navs have been published today, and both for cracking maps. Sk3tch has produced de_cevo_nighthawk, which is set in a military depot and has a stealth bomber and missile store to blow up. And from Catfood comes a rats map set in his back garden, de_sunstroked. Great fun with a chicken to bomb, and the rarity of a rats map with virtually no bot suicides. There's nothing like C4 to get a chicken to fly.

Dimension Studios have also published cs_classified, which comes complete with my nav. Another great map with two distinct and contrasting environments involved. Any similarity to a certain official map is entirely deliberate, right down to the placenames. Bring your raincoat. It's available at their website, and has been joined by de_urbanwarfare, another DS map previously published elsewhere, which also includes my nav.

Official Forum to close.

Added 21/7/07

One negative piece of news is the announcement that the Official Bot Forum, is to close. This has been run by Turtlerock Studios, the bot developers, and has provided support to all of us who have had troubles with the bots or wanted to delve further. Many bug fixes also resulted from user posts and it's sad to see this resource lost, but real usage has been low and spam high in recent times. Many thanks to TRS and Darklord for all they have done. It will close at the end of July so get your last minute questions in!

The Editor has landed.

Added 4/7/07

Yes, folks, welcome to the entirely new, exactly the same, Barndoor's website. The site has been completely rewriten to look just the same, but out go tables and javascript and in come pure lean HTML with added CSS power - the Cascading Style Sheet variety. While this will make no visual difference, it's allowed me to finally change some content and introduce this News page, as I've at last learnt to control my own website. Today de_paris, tomorrow the world. Many thanks to Zola for all his work in the past and getting me this far. This also means news updates appearing and I hope a bigger better website.

On the nav front, Dimension Studios (where I'm team naver) have published two maps recently, both including my nav file and both excellent maps. de_alps is on their website, de_urbanwarfare isn't. Well worth checking.


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